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View the level editor (beta).

Extra Information

Entertain your visitors for hours with your pictures. Fast, easy and challenging gameplay. A level editor is available to make your own FindIt game! FindIt2 is an excellent way to keep your visitors coming back! This Java Applet features :

  • HighScore Lists
  • Unlimited Levels
  • Capability to edit the levels
  • Usage of your own pictures
  • Level-per-level loading for fast startup.
  • Good looks and GUI
  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • A great Challenge :)
  • Optimized for 800*600 and higher resolutions.
  • Easy upgrades
  • Visual edit of data.
  • 30 Levels (new - download the upgrade)

A free level editor is also available, click here for information and the files. For more help on please read the Default.html file included in the zip.

This applet has already been updated from 19 to 30 levels! If you want to upgrade download
Version 1.2 now offers highscore lists, registered users can have custom lists.


Registration for this applet is temporarily disabled.

Programmer Bavo