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Extra Information

Let your website visitors see what time it is around the world. You can set the applet to show their local time or any other time in the world (like the time in your country). LedWorldTime can show all time zones in the world, with a simple click on the arrows in the top-left corner.
Version1.2 has 6 skins to choose from, it's really easy to set up. A skin will determine the best colors and image itself. V1.3 has the option to minimize the applet, this will only display the default time. Adjust height accordingly.

Applet Options:

  • Minimize:Yes will only display the LED.(New V1.3)
  • Use_fade: Use the fade in/out when seconds reaches 9. Yes or no.
  • Default_Timezone: The timezone the applet should display first. Eg. 1 is GMT+1 (Paris). Use 13 for local time.
  • Fade_Delay: Milliseconds to wait before refreshing
  • Name: Optional, only when applet is registered.
  • Link: Where the Name tag should link to.
  • Skin: Can be Skin1 to 6. This overrides all other visual options. If you want to define colors yourself set skin to "none".(New V1.2)
  • Bgimage: The name of the Background Image. There are six images to choose from. For no bgimage set it to "none". (New V1.1)
  • Bgcolor: The background color of the applet in RRR,GGG,BBB format.
  • Forecolor: Color of the text and Clock
  • Forecolor2: MouseOver color of clickable elements


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Programmer Bavo