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Extra Information

MultiBanner allows you to show multiple banners at the same area.
You can configure as much banners as you want, with corresponding links. You can also set animation speed and the time that images stay fixed through the parameters. Use "nowhere" as url targets if you don't want a link on the image. Version 1.1 allows you to use any image as image1 (not in Version 1.0) and to use random images. Some small bugs are also gone. You can now set target to tell the applet where to load the link. Try out different sizes and parameters!

  • Image1 to infinite : name of images
  • url1 to infinite : target of links
  • bgcolor and bordercolor: Colors in RRR,GGG,BBB format
  • Delay : how many milliseconds transitions take.
  • Fix : how many milliseconds an image stays in the middle.
  • Random_slides: Displays image random, not in sequence. (NEW)
  • Flashing: Will rapidly show all images during transitions (NEW)
  • Target: Specify the target of the link (_self,_top or _blank);
  • Useborder: To use the border yes or no.

Version 1.2 Updates :

  • Supports up to 30 images and links.
  • Fixed pixel-jump when width or height could not be divided by pxelsperframe
  • Clicking on the textlink only opens that link, not the ad also.
  • Random slides do not show up twice after eachother.
  • Smoother handling of threads.
  • Half the size of version 1.1!
  • Relative URL support

Please note : If you update from version 1.1 you need to add the archive="MultibannerFull.jar" property to the applet code parameter. Please view the source of this example.


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Programmer Bavo