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This is the classic look.
The text is very readable and can it be easily resized. When resizing the applets automatically adjust everything to the right size!

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Extra Information


  • Professional look
  • Hyperlinks to other HTML pages.
  • 5 skins that decide themselves on font, colors and images.
  • Language adjustable
  • Supports opening webpages in other frames
  • Size adjustable
  • Images like smiles and other icons
  • HTML style source that can be edited by hand
  • An editor for quick an easy code-generating.

How does it work?

You can make a text file that contains news. The applet reads it and displays it on screen. It automatically divides items over multiple pages, and word-wraps sentences. It recognizes link tags and image tags.
For more help on the tags please read the help included.

If you do not want to write the simplified HTML code yourself, no problem! An editor is available. Registered users get the files together with their registered version.

A few parameters are provided to change the speed that it changes items, to specify the background color, the news file and the skin. The code for this applet is :

<APPLET CODE=NewsPro.class archive="NewsPro.jar" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=250>
<param name="skin" value="skin1">
<param name="newsfile" value="about.txt">
<param name="delay" value="4000">
<param name="bgcolor" value="255,255,255">


Registration for this applet is temporarily disabled.

Programmer Bavo