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Extra Information

Make your own quiz in a matter of minutes (without custom pictures).
You can make a quiz about anything (IQ, science, celebrities, pokemon,). It's possible to include a picture per question and let the score be evaluated, showing a different picture per evaluation. 5 skins included and many configuration options.

QuizMaster features:

  • Create your own quiz about anything
  • Unlimited number of questions and unlimited number of answers per question.
  • Evaluate the score into different messages
  • Possible to use different pictures to clarify each question
  • Possible to use different pictures to clarify each evaluation of the score
  • Relatively simple to create your own quiz
  • 3 ways to define if and when to show the solutions to the questions
  • Several skins included and available, with different sizes, colors and abilities
  • Possibility to create your own skins
  • Advanced loading and advanced error message outing when misconfigured
  • Language adjustable
  • Unicode support available (new!)

Totally free!

Programmer Geoffrey