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If you have problems running several or all Java applets, here you will find help. If you have problems with only one applet, that applet is most likely configured wrong or contains a bug.

Java is in theory platform and browser independent and with an updated JVM installed, it should be able to work anywhere.


We used to have our own Java diagnostic applet here, but JVM has evolved quite a bit and we believe that Sun's own diagnostics are very - if not, more - reliable, for certain in the future. Sun worked out a very nice diagnostic page to test whether your version is installed correctly, or if you have the latest version. Click here to verify your Java software.

Get Java for any browser with Sun's latest Java plugin

Click here to go to Sun's Java plugin installation and documentation page.

Enable applets to connect to the internet

There could be several reasons why applets aren't able to connect to the internet:

  • Your ISP: Your internet provider could have a proxy server or a gateway that blocks the applet's connection attempt. Contact your internet provider to get this kind of problem solved.
  • Your firewall or router: Your firewall or router could block the applet's connection attempt. Configure your firewall or router in such way that it allows the applet to connect over the internet or (temporary) disable your firewall.
  • A security exception: If your Java security is high instead of normal, it could be that a connection attempt is not allowed. Adjust the security settings for Java.

If you are on a local network, your network administrator can allow or disallow applets to connect to the internet.