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RealApplets was originally founded by 2 university students, Bavo and Geoffrey in 1999. They were learning Java and experimenting both with applets.

Bavo created a website called "Dahazard's applets" to host his first applets "Slots" and "Findit1" on, while Geoffrey created "" for his Lovemeter. Since Findit1 and Lovemeter were an unexpected success in "The Javaboutique" and several webmasters showed interest, working together at one website was then quickly agreed. Our applets were an easy way for webmasters to entertain their visitors and keep them at their websites.

The new website became "" and another programmer was attracted, Branton. Branton was also working hard on Java and strengthened our team. His "ImageViewer" applet can be found on hundreds of websites.

Because of its success and complexity, a webmaster joined our team: Carl Nollet. Carl started work immediately to create a website that would look professional, navigate easy and contained all the right content. Structural changes had to be done, webhosting and a domain name acquired which finally evolved into

RealApplets' new approach, the increasing quality of our work and customer support made RealApplets one of the most popular applet sites during 2000-2001. Now we have re-built RealApplets from scratch to guarantee fast and easy navigation and a great customer experience as we are adding new material all the time. At this moment we serve hundreds of customers in 35 different countries and our applets can be found at thousands of different websites.

If you would have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact us.