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Chapter 1 - Graphical Interface

2. Drawing Shapes and using colors

Applet will paint special shapes and use colors and fonts
Only new methods are explained

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class DrawExample extends Applet 

 // Specify variables that will be needed everywhere, anytime here
 // The font variable
    Font bigFont;

 // The colors you will use
     Color redColor;
     Color weirdColor;
     Color bgColor;

     public void init() 
  // Here we will define the varibles further
  // Will use Arial as type, 16 as size and bold as style
  // Italic and Plain are also available
          bigFont = new Font("Arial",Font.BOLD,16);

  // Standard colors can be named like this
          redColor = Color.red;

  // lesser known colors can be made with R(ed)G(reen)B(lue).
          weirdColor = new Color(60,60,122);

          bgColor = Color.blue;

  // this will set the backgroundcolor of the applet


     public void stop()

 // now lets draw things on screen
     public void paint(Graphics g) 
  // tell g to use your font
      g.drawString("Shapes and Colors",80,20);

  // Now we tell g to change the color

  // This will draw a rectangle (xco,yco,xwidth,height);

  // This will fill a rectangle

  // change colors again


  // a circle (int x, int y, int width, int height,int startAngle, int arcAngle);
  // ovals are also possible this way.



  // Draw a line (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)


  // reset the color to the standard color for the next time the applets paints
  // an applet is repainted when a part was'nt visible anymore
  // happens most often because of browser minimizing or scrolling. 




// that's some basic drawing.
// next is drawing images on screen 
// go to imageExample.java

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